We took a break up to Muskoka on Friday and Saturday. It ended up raining all day on Friday so we were stuck inside the resort but that turned out to be pretty nice. It was just serene, sitting on a soft chair by the fireplace, reading a book with the sound of rain in a backdrop of the foggy lake.

Grace looks out of the hotel window
Grace looks out of the hotel window

I was surpised how the lake view and the tall ceiling in our room seemed to help me loosen up and not feel cramped indoors. Away from the all-day traffic noise of Spadina, it was so relaxing that for a few hours my brain stopped craving for an internet connection. Furthermore the resort didn’t have many guests and it seemed like we had the whole place to ourselves. While I was editting these photos I wanted to bring out that feeling of peace and isolation, being in our own private little universe, buffered from the clutter and disarray of our lives back in Toronto.

Lake Muskoka
Lake Muskoka with a bit of fog