Ten Requirements of a Wong Kar Wai Character

  1. Do not look another character directly in the eye, try to look up at the ceiling if you’re lost.
  2. If you must look at someone in the eye, use the reflection of a mirror, or at least look through metal bars.
  3. Have a layer of sweat on all exposed body parts.
  4. Try your best not to be in a scene with more than one other character.
  5. As you’re leaving the room, if you need to speak, feel free to speak with your back turned to the other person. It’s not rude.
  6. Always say something as you’re leaving a room.
  7. If there’s space to move around, never stand opposite of the person you’re talking to. Try sitting outside, or stand facing a concrete wall, or lay down in the bed while facing away from the other person.
  8. Always by chance encounter another character on the way to somewhere else. Don’t say hello, but do give each other just the slightest forlorn glance.
  9. If you’re a female character, either be unemotional, or bat shit crazy, you pick!
  10. If you’re a male character, always be tormented, always fall in love with a woman you shouldn’t love!
  11. BONUS REQUIREMENT FOR TONY LEUNG — You’re a time traveling immortal, never say what’s on your mind, you don’t owe anyone an explanation!